09 d’agost 2010

VAMPIRE of LOVE (a summer poem)

I’m not an angel
everyone has a past
and If I'm writing these lines
It's to tell you who I am.

Vampire of love

I’m not an angel…

Today I see red like blue
You’d affected totally my mood
When I’m not with you
I feel a big pain deep inside through
You sucked my breath away
I live like a death

A love poem is like the Law
You desire to serve it
But the Judge is unfair.
Cupid always plays a double play
Living hope and cheating at your back
What a tremendous boy this Cupid
Shooting their poisoned Arrows

You are empty like the wind
Quick as lighting
You broke my heart
And disappeared like a ghost in a dark valley

You, spirit of my storm
Calm down my broken heart
My soul cries for his death
Their poor fellow reduced too dust
The fragile heart of mine
Now won’t beat anymore
For you, Vampire of Love.