28 de desembre 2008

After chrissie party...

TIME Approaches us to the end
A year ends, a year starts
Time never stop
Time never forget us
Always under its wings
Always under its designs
I wanted to write to forget
As much I write as much I regret
I should never starting a poem like this
Because while I am writing time is stealing my…

Chrissie Aphorisms 28dec 08

-If water was beer I will drink a fountain by myself
-Alcohol is like oxygen as much you have it as much you need it
-Family is like debts always come more…
- Silly thoughts in my head, I am here and you are there.
- This is funny: writing to kill time but the only killed are neurons.
- Don’t waste your hypocrite kisses with me, be honest: keep them to your wife.
- Oh, you are a genius!
Yes, only when you are shut up and still.
- Creativity is free with alcohol in veins.